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Location: Administration > Appearance > Moodle Docs

Moodle Docs is an abbreviation Moodle documentation.

By default, teachers and administrators have "Moodle Docs for this page" links at the bottom of each page in Moodle for accessing context-specific documentation.

You may find that teachers prefer the documentation to open in a new window, so they can easily return to their page in Moodle. If so, click the "Open in new window" checkbox.

Note: Information links are different than help links Fitxategi:Help icon.GIF which are internal links. They can be found in the Moodle site file structure. For example a lesson question's feedback help file might be found at C:\moodle18\moodle\lang\en_utf8\help\lesson\feedback.html

Moodle documentation

As you may have discovered, Moodle Docs contains many searchable pages which represents 1,000s of hours of refinement by the Moodle community. For example, it is common to see a link from a forum in to a specific page or section in a Moodle Docs page. Likewise, something can be added to Moodle Docs to cover a new feature or to give a more detail description of a process that is not possible or desirable in a forum or as part of the help files.

Moodle Docs is a living document that is constantly changing at . Anyone in the Moodle community who sees a need is invited to make an addition or add their opinion in the page comments tab.

Tips on alternative page information

It is possible to download am HTML copy of Moodle documentation at to another server. While useful, these are not Wiki pages and do not follow the file structure of

It is possible to export one or more pages and then import those to another wiki via functions found in Special pages, located in the wiki Toolbox, usually located on the left of each Moodle Doc page.

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