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Location: Flat file edit settings link in Administration > Courses > Enrolments

A flat file allows enrolment management (enrol or unenrol) of existing users in existing course. The file is read one time by Moodle then erased. The file is located in the moodle file structure as a text file and Cron provides the timing when it is read.


The site administrator should edit the settings for a flat file if it is enabled.

Options for flat file enrolment

The default name and location of the file is .../moodledata/1/enrolments.txt. If you do specify a file path, it should be absolute (eg /var/moodledata/enrolments.txt) and can be read and modified by the webserver process.

You can choose to have a log file send to the administrator and to send a notification to teachers and students.

Flat file structure

The file should be structured with the action, role, user id, and course ID number. Optionally a start time and end time can be added as additional fields.

The edit field link will give details on how to format the flat file on the Administration > Courses > Enrolments page.

Flat file instructions for fields and records

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