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Existen muchos tutoriales en video acerca de Moodle y en esta página se mencionan algunos para Moodle. Si Usted ha hecho algunos tutoriales en video para Moodle , o si tiene un enlace hacia algunos tutoriales en video, por favor añádalos aquí.

Videotutoriales sobre exámenes con Moodle en 2020, realizados por Germán Valero

Videotutoriales sobre cuestionarios (exámenes) en Moodle, de la Universidad de Burgos

Videotutoriales para la Instalación de Moodle 3.4, por Mario Mendoza

Video tutoriales en idioma inglés (con y sin subtítulos en español)

  • Videos made by Moodle HQ
  • What is Moodle? Simple, short explainer video by HowToMoodle
  • 6 Instructional Video Sites for Moodle Users:
    • Moodle HQ YouTube channel Learn Moodle: Our first Moodle MOOC in 2013 taught over 9000 participants with videos and other media. These videos from Moodle 2.5 are still available on youtube to watch and learn from.
    • Pukunui YouTube channel Australasian Moodle Partner, Pukunui, runs the annual iMoot online and provides Moodle services to a range of industry sectors. Their channel offers recordings from past events and helpful how-to videos.
    • Mi Stream – MoodleMoot Michigan Hosted in Mid-Michigan at the beginning of the year, the past recordings of the MoodleMoot has some interesting insight into creative uses of Moodle and shared experiences.
    • Synergy Learning UK Moodle Partner, Synergy Learning, has announced their new Youtube channel. While there are only a handful of videos at present, watch this space in 2015 for more resources to appear on this site.
    • Lambda Solutions Lambda Solutions is a full service Moodle Partner offering services in both US and Canada. Their channel offers experiences and demonstrations of Moodle to provide a good overview for users.
    • Nellie Deutsch Dr. Nellie Deutsch is faculty at Atlantic University in the MA transpersonal and leadership studies. Her channel offers a bevy of Moodle how-tos and elearning best practices.

Video tutoriales en otros idiomas

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