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Moodle 2.5


Éste documento describe cómo copiar y personalizar el tema gráfico Limpio (Clean) (bootstrapbase) para que Usted pueda trabajar en él y crear un tema suyo propio. Se asume que Usted tiene algo de comprensión acerca de cómo funcionan los temas gráficos en Moodle 2.5, y un conocimiento básico sobre HTML y CSS. También, debido al rápido desarrollo dentro de Moodle, que resulta en un número de versiones disponibles, como son 2.3.x y 2.4.x, y 2.5.x, es muy importante que entienda que éste tutorial sólamente es válido para el tema Limpio (Clean) para Moodle 2.5+.


From your Moodle theme directory right click on the clean theme and then copy and paste back into your Moodle theme directory. You should now have a folder called Copy of clean. If you right click this folder you are given the option to Rename it. So rename this folder to your choosen theme name, using only lower case letters, and if needed, underscores. For the purpose of this tutorial we will call the theme 'cleantheme'.

On opening 'cleantheme' you will find several files and sub-directories which have files within them.

These are:

Where all the theme configurations are made. (contains some elements that require renaming)
Where all the functions for the themes settings are found. (contains some elements that require renaming)
Where all the setting for this theme are created. (contains some elements that require renaming)
Where the version number and plugin componant information is kept. (contains some elements that require renaming)
This directory contains all language sub-directories for other languages if and when you want to add them.
This sub-directory contains your language files, in this case English.
This file contains all the language strings for your theme. (contains some elements that require renaming as well as the filename itself)
This directory contains all the layout files for this theme.
Layout file for front page and general pages combined.
This directory contains all the CSS files for this theme.
This is where all the settings CSS is generated.
This directory contains a screen shot of this theme as well as a favicon and any images used in the theme.

Cambiando nombre a elementos

The problem when cloning a theme is that you need to rename all those instances where the old theme name occurs, in this case clean. So using the above list as a guide, search through and change all the instances of the theme name 'clean' to 'cleantheme'. This includes the filename of the lang/en/theme_clean.php. You need to change this to 'theme_cleantheme.php'.

Instalando su tema

Once all the changes to the name have been made, you can safely install the theme. If you are already logged in just refreshing the browser should trigger your Moodle site to begin the install 'Plugins Check'. If not then navigate to Administration > Notifications.

Once your theme is successfully installed you can select it and begin to modify it using the custom settings page found by navigating to Administration > Site Administration > Appearance > Themes >> and then click on (Cleantheme) or whatever you renamed your theme to, from the list of theme names that appear at this point in the side block.