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==Aprenda más==
==Aprenda más==
Learn more in the page [[Course restore]]
Aprenda más en la página sobre como [[Restaurar un curso]]
[[en:pload a course]]
[[en:pload a course]]

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Subir un curso

This page is about how to upload ('restore') a Moodle course file (a 'backup') you obtained from another Moodle site. If you want to create your own new, empty course, see the page Crear un curso.


  1. Make sure the Moodle course file you want to upload ends with .mbz
  2. Log in with your administator account
  3. From the left panel (the Navigation drawer) click Site administration
  4. Click Courses and then Restore course.
  5. Drag and drop the course file (backup) into the box, or click to import it.
  6. Click the Continue button.
  7. Choose Restore as a new course (unless you are sure you want other options) and select the category to import it into.
  8. Click the Continue button (making changes where you want to)
  9. Follow the process, clicking Next and finally Perform restore

screencast sobre 'como hacerlo'

This screencast, from the Learn Moodle Educator MOOC, shows how to upload a course into a MoodleCloud site.

(Instructions are for MoodleCloud but also apply to other sites.)

Aprenda más

Aprenda más en la página sobre como Restaurar un curso