Selector de actividad

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¡Nueva característica
en Moodle 3.9!

¿Qué es el selector de actividad?

  • The activity chooser appears when the editing is turned on in a course and you click the link 'Add an activity or resource'.
  • Each item has a star icon, for favouriting, and an information icon leading to more information and documentation.
  • Which tabs you see depend on the administrator's settings (see Admin settings below) and can include:
    • Destacado - this displays any activity or resource you (the teacher) star as a favourite or frequently used activity.
    • Todo - this displays all Actividades and Recursos together
    • Actividades - this displays only Actividades
    • Recursos - this displays only Recursos
    • Recomendado - this displays items the administrator has chosen in Site administration > Courses >Activity chooser >Recommended activities"

Nota: If the administrator has enabled integration with MoodleNet then the option to browse content from MoodleNet is visible at the foot of the activity chooser.

Configuraciones administrativas

  • From Site administration > Courses >Activity chooser >Activity chooser settings, the administrator can define the default tabs for the activity chooser in courses.
  • From Site administration > Courses > Activity chooser >Recommended activities, the administrator can select items which will then appear in a Recommended tab in the activity chooser.