Rol de creador de preguntas

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The role of Question creator may be used to enable students to create preguntas for use in quizzes.

Warning: Capabilities with Riesgos XSS associated to them are allowed for the role of question creator. Thus, this role should be assigned with care.

Role set-up

  1. Access Administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles.
  2. Click the button "Add a new role".
  3. Give the role a name e.g. "Question creator", short name and description.
  4. Choose "course" for the context type.
  5. Change the following capabilities to allow:
  6. Click the button "Create this role".

To enable teachers to assign the question creator role:

  1. In Settings > Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles click the Allow role assignments tab.
  2. Click the checkbox where the teacher row and the question creator column intersect.
  3. Click the "Save changes" button.

Role assignment

Course administration block with questions link
  1. Go to Settings>Course administration>Users>enrolled users
  2. Choose the question creator role to assign.
  3. Select a user in the potential users list, and use the left-facing arrow button to add it to the existing users list. Multiple users may be selected by holding down the Apple or Ctrl key whilst clicking on the users' names.

Users assigned the role of question creator will be able to access the question creation interface via the questions link in the course administration block.

Using questions in a quiz

Question created and last saved details

A teacher can assign students the role of question creator for a short period of time, then unassign them and use the students' questions in a quiz. Details of who created / last saved each question can be found at the bottom of each question editing page.