Portafolio descarga de archivo

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The File download portfolio allows for easy download of content in Moodle activities.

Habilitar descarga de archivo (configuraciones del administrador)

  • Go to Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Portfolios > Manage Portfolios
  • Select from the drop down next to File download "Enabled and visible";


  • Click the "Settings" and if desired, give File download a customised name (not essential)

Eviar/"empujar" archivos hacia Descarga de archivo

  • You can export content such as attached files in forum posts to File download.
  • Click the green icon next to the file - in this instance, a pdf document:


  • On the next screen, choose the portfolio to export to. (If File download is the only one, you will only have that option!)


  • Click "Next" and then choose the file format you wish to export as. (Which formats you are offered depends on the type of file you wish to download)


  • On the next screen, click "Continue" to confirm your export and download your file: