Papelera de reciclaje

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(draft user docs - to go into 3.1 user documentation when 3.1 is released.)

¿Qué es la papelera de reciclaje ( recycle bin ) ?

  • The recycle bin allows teachers to retrieve course elements they have mistakenly deleted. It also allows those with relevant category permissions to restore deleted courses.
  • If deleted items are not needed, they are automatically permanently deleted after seven days (or a time specified by the admin.)

¿Cómo se configura?

  • The recycle bin is available by default in all courses and categories, but the link in administration block is only visible once something has been deleted.
  • Administrators can turn off the reccyle bin and modify the settings from Administration> Admin tools > Recycle bin. Here they can decide how long an item or a course will remain available until it is permanently deleted.

¿Cómo funciona?

Below is an example using an assignment within a course. The same process works for deleted courses in categories.

1. Before a course teacher deletes an item, a reminder message appears:


2. If you mistakenly click 'yes', all is not lost. Refresh the page and go to the course admininistration block. The link "Recycle bin" will be visible.


3. Click the link and then click the 'restore' icon to retrieve the assignment or other item you accidentally deleted.

recycle bin.png