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Moodle 3.8

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Fecha de liberación: 13 Julio 2020

Aquí está la lista completa de composturas en 3.8.4.

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Composturas y mejoras generales

  • MDL-67700 - Messages displaying in incorrect conversations when switching between conversations quickly
  • MDL-60827 - OAuth 2 still expecting email verification after "Require email verification" has been disabled
  • MDL-52578 - Activity weight set to 0 on creation
  • MDL-68864 - Clear my choice for single answer multiple choice questions is erratic
  • MDL-67126 - In assignment activity the completion state is not set reliably for all group members
  • MDL-68436 - Atto RecordRTC (record audio/video) plugin only works in the first editor on a page
  • MDL-69106 - convert_submissions task with asynchronous document conversion cannot be completed by cron
  • MDL-68203 - Error duplicating quiz when there is a course view link in the answer
  • MDL-69109 - Theme icons are lost after web upgrade in 3.9 or theme change in other versions
  • MDL-66917 - No validation that uploaded (from zip) plugin has higher version than installed
  • MDL-68992 - Update minimal age of digital consent according to current legislation
  • MDL-68253 - On the first page of a book, no previous arrow should be shown in navigation
  • MDL-67172 - Allow multiple H5P content displayed properly when accessing the first time (backport of MDL-67095 )
  • MDL-67497 - Capability "backuptargetimport" should have captype "read"
  • MDL-64175 - 'Advanced settings' for media resources in Atto are not loaded properly when editing
  • MDL-68215 - Make the Activity results block styling consistent with other blocks
  • MDL-69002 - Backpack authenticate check called too regularly for admin
  • MDL-68847 - Fix missing variable bug with link dnd code
  • MDL-68733 - quiz random question tags are deleted accidentally on entire site
  • MDL-68723 - Filemanager File tree view does not list all files.
  • MDL-68576 - Filepicker is not working when using the file details view
  • MDL-68270 - Compact logo on Nav Bar is blurred with Boost related themes
  • MDL-68054 - Capability "viewhiddenactivities" and "viewhiddensections" should have captype "read"
  • MDL-57240 - For an overdue quiz attempt, the summary page has links that just redirect back to the same page
  • MDL-66899 - Regrading quiz attempts should be logged
  • MDL-69077 - The capabilities moodle/question:tag* are not visible in the "Check permissions" page in the activity context
  • MDL-66601 - Usability issue trying to uploading images wider than browser width, in RTL mode
  • MDL-52138 - Gradebook floating headers are incorrectly styled
  • MDL-68099 - Warning in grader report in separate groups mode
  • MDL-68828 - Theme classic mobile issues
  • MDL-68899 - Dashboard course cards don't render well in theme classic
  • MDL-67903 - UI for grades import using spreadsheet is broken in theme_boost and theme_classic
  • MDL-68738 - YouTube video displayed twice in wiki
  • MDL-63812 - Question type Drag and drop into text undefined notice for gap in question and answer slot
  • MDL-68425 - Participants page shows option to send messages without capability check
  • MDL-68772 - In edit quiz (Boost / Classic) navigation overlaps
  • MDL-69021 - Alert links hard to distinguish
  • MDL-67294 - Choosing bulk removal of empty submissions causes an error
  • MDL-68137 - "Download All Submissions as a zip" can remove file extension

Mejoras de accesibilidad

  • MDL-68312 - Gradebook: Grader report: Accessibility issues
  • MDL-69008 - Accessibility issues in the pagination bar template
  • MDL-68353 - Course management: Create new course: Accessibility issues
  • MDL-68343 - Gradebook: Single view: Accessibility issues
  • MDL-68200 - Forum: Discussion list: Accessibility issues

Mejoras en seguridad

  • MDL-68276 - Standard log entries can be manipulated
  • MDL-68631 - Cron current user may not be reset between scheduled tasks

Asuntos de seguridad

Details of any security issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version

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