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Moodle 3.10

Nota: Para sitios que actualizan desde una versión anterior, por favor actualicen a 3.10.3 y sáltense esta versión, porque está afectada por un paso en la actualización que podría corromper los eventos del calendario (MDL-71156).

Historia de las versiones > Notas de Moodle 3.10.2

Fecha de liberación: 8 Marzo 2021

Aquí está la lista completa de composturas en 3.10.2.

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Composturas y mejoras generales

  • MDL-67959 - The default group icon should not be displayed when there is no group picture
  • MDL-67515 - Uninstalled plugin breaks the custom lang tool if it had some strings customised
  • MDL-66979 - Switch all the Behat testing to the new W3C drivers
  • MDL-70535 - VideoJS language doesn't fallback to en
  • MDL-68970 - Pages during a quiz attempt should not be cached, so forwards/back do not lead to errors
  • MDL-57020 - Unable to delete scales which are no longer used
  • MDL-70268 - Dropbox repository requires log on to work - which fails
  • MDL-46256 - count_words returns too few words when dealing with html tags
  • MDL-70048 - Dropbox Search API: /files/search is being retired in favor of /files/search_v2
  • MDL-69867 - Marking workflow display wrong current grade if using scales
  • MDL-70736 - Unable to load Marking Guide Templates
  • MDL-70796 - El conteo de palabras de Moodle no coincide con el de otros programas
  • MDL-69101 - Pregunta de ensayo: "Tipos de archivo aceptados" y otros campos nuevos no están soportados en archivo Moodle XML
  • MDL-70377 - When reviewing an attempt as a teacher $string['saved'] {$a} not replaced
  • MDL-43697 - Archived badges are restored during course restore
  • MDL-70676 - Workshop assessment aspect with no grade is unusable
  • MDL-70631 - Poor performance of zip_packer::extract_to_pathname()
  • MDL-70648 - Editing a calendar event of type category and removing the category results in an error
  • MDL-68958 - Undefined variable: href when creating IMSCP
  • MDL-70339 - Activity chooser does not honour external tool icons
  • MDL-56772 - File picker:Right align table column headers, in RTL mode (theme:boost)
  • MDL-70513 - La página de calificación manual debería advertir si intenta abandonar con datos no guardados
  • MDL-70705 - Multilang Filters not applied to Recent blog entries block Blog entry titles
  • MDL-70552 - No se envían notificaciones de envío para retroalimentación anónima
  • MDL-70574 - Cloze multianswer question leaks percentage if with decimal
  • MDL-66932 - Grade percentage display in Gradebook should be LTR, in RTL mode
  • MDL-70585 - Downloaded course content unbrowseable for some activity names
  • MDL-70912 - Cannot access H5P content bank popup in Atto editor within mod_data textarea
  • MDL-70264 - badges/oauth2callback.php should be removed and replaced by admin/oauth2callback.php
  • MDL-67974 - Badge expiry error and missing expired stamp
  • MDL-67494 - Course/activity calendar events are deleted when the teacher who created them requests their data to be deleted
  • MDL-70995 - Nombres de grupos no formateados en filtro de participantes del curso
  • MDL-69883 - Unable to scroll beyond 50 conversations in Messages tool
  • MDL-69097 - Language filters aren't correctly applied in "Whole forum grading"

Mejoras de accesibilidad

  • MDL-70169 - Problemas de accesibilidad en página para ingresar al sitio
  • MDL-70288 - Checkbox and advanced checkbox elements can have duplicate labels
  • MDL-70173 - Problemas de accesibilidad en Tablero
  • MDL-65390 - Accessibility #11 Content appears above “show more” button
  • MDL-59782 - El resaltado del banco de preguntas para última pregunta añadida está mal en Boost
  • MDL-70172 - Problemas de accesibilidad en página inicial del sitio

Composturas de seguridad

Details of any security issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.

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