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[[Category:Enseñanza de idiomas]]
[[Category:Enseñanza de idioma]]
[[en:English Central]]
[[en:English Central]]

Revisión del 23:27 12 jul 2019

This is the documentation for the awesome English Central additional plugin by Gordon Bateson currently available from the Moodle plugins database.


The EnglishCentral activity module allows teachers to include EnglishCentral video activities in their Moodle courses. EnglishCentral lets you teach English from a library of over 12,000 videos.

Each video lesson features a video player that shows a short video clip from EnglishCentral.com. After watching a video, students can do fill-in-the-blank activities with vocabulary from the video. They can also practice speaking lines from the video, and will receive a score for how closely their pronunciation matches the original. The scores for the vocabulary and speaking activities are then stored in the Moodle gradebook. Later, the teacher can view details of the students' scores on the report page.


This module has no dependencies, and you can try out a demo on the following URL https://englishcentral.poodll.com.

EnglishCentral is not free, but you can get demo credentials and more information from here: https://poodll.com/englishcentral-demo-request/

Read more about Poodll EnglishCentral here: https://poodll.com/plugin-poodll-englishcentral/

Recent Changes

To view details of recent changes made to this plugin, please click on the following link:

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