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The course overview block

The course overview block enables students to check their course progress and view upcoming deadlines. It allows teachers to easily see activities needing grading. To get started, watch the [Course overview screencast coming here after 3.6 release].

Note for sites upgrading from earlier versions: The course overview block in previous versions of Moodle has been removed and replaced with a new course overview. The legacy course overview block may be downloaded from the Plugins directory: Blocks: Course overview (legacy).

Plantilla:New features

What enrolled users see

  • The course overview is displayed on a student's dashboard and displays three dropdowns:
  • an option to sort by all, current, future, in progress, starred or hidden courses
  • an option to display courses by last accessed or by title
  • an option to display course by cards, summary or list view

Past, In Progress and Future courses

  • For courses to appear in the 'Past' section, the course end date must be in the past or the course must be completed.
  • For courses to appear in the 'In Progress' section, they must be not yet completed and the current date must be after the course start date. The current date must be before the end date, or there is no end date. Courses 'In progress 'displayed in the Course overview block match the courses displayed in the navigation drawer, although a site administration navigation setting can limit this number.
  • For courses to appear in the 'Future' section, the student must be enrolled in them even though the course start date is in the future.

Starred and hidden courses


  • To 'star' ('bookmark') a course click the three dots by its name and then click the star icon.
  • To hide a course, click the three dots by its name and then click the hide icon.
  • Courses may be filtered by starred or hidden courses. Alternatively,for starred courses. the Starred courses block may be added to the dashboard

How to make the percentages display on the Course overview

  • For the percentages to display, the course must have activity completion enabled.


Note that the percentages relate only to the percentage of activities with activity completion set that have completed. The percentages do NOT yet relate to course completion.

Timeline and courses tabs

  • A setting 'Default tab' (defaulttab) enables an administrator to specify the tab that will be displayed when a student first views their course overview. When returning to their course overview, the student's active tab is remembered.
  • If required, the timeline and courses tab URLs may be copied and pasted and bookmarked. The URL of the timeline tab is mysite.org/my/?myoverviewtab=timeline and the courses tab is mysite.org/my/?myoverviewtab=courses.

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