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This document is your starting point for learning about our plans for upcoming releases of Moodle. See our Releases page for details about current and past releases.

Principales áreas de desarrollo

Here are the broad themes of development for Moodle, which are heavily influenced by requests from our user community. A lot of projects are going on in all these areas.


  • Usability - organisation and navigation of courses, activities and other features
  • Plugins infrastructure - improving environment for development and management of Moodle plugins
  • Support infrastructure - improving central support documentation and services for users of Moodle


  • Accessibility - social inclusion for people with all kinds of disabilites
  • Small touchscreens - making Moodle work well on phones and tablets
  • Offline - our Moodle Mobile app provides offline capabilities for Moodle.


  • Outcomes and competencies - better tracking of what people know
  • Learning plans - better tracking of what people need to know
  • Workflow - guiding learning processes between different people
  • Rollover - handling end-of-year processes for recycling and archiving courses


  • Logging - Improved access to events data
  • Analytics - Automated analysis of learning data to find trends and events that help teachers, learners and admins
  • Reporting - Easy customised reports that combine data from various areas in Moodle
  • Notifications- Real-time messaging to mobile devices of events determined by analytics and reports

Contenido (OER)

  • moodle.net - our central repository for shared Moodle courses and other Moodle data
  • Template courses - crowd-sourced development of shared Moodle courses using Creative Commons

Moodle 2.8

After Moodle 2.0 we switched to time-based releases rather than feature-based releases (see our development process). Because of this, the details below are an indication of current priorities only, and are subject to change according to how long things actually take to finish. Anything not ready by the following dates will generally be pushed to the next major release.


  • 2.8 Major new features are demoable: 22nd September 2014
  • 2.8 Code freeze (no new features accepted): 6th October 2014
  • 2.8 QA begins (start of QA testing): 13th October 2014
  • 2.8 Release date (assuming all tests pass): 10th November 2014

TRabajo actual

  • (Platform/Access) Gradebook user interfaces
  • (Platform/Access) Navigation
  • (Platform/Access) Forum subscription, anonymity and accessibility
  • (Platform) Element library
  • (Feedback) Extending events
  • (Feedback) New Event Monitor report and notifications
  • (Feedback) Report builder
  • (Management) Outcomes 2
  • (Content) Improvements to moodle.net
  • (Platform) Improvements to Moodle Plugins Directory

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