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Location: ''Administration > Security > Notifications''
Localización: ''Administración del sitio > Seguridad > Notificaciones''
==Display login failures to==
==Display login failures to==

Revisión del 09:07 5 nov 2007

Localización: Administración del sitio > Seguridad > Notificaciones

Display login failures to

Set this to administrators to be warned of anyone attempting to steal student or teacher logins. When set, a link stating the number of failed logins appears in the top right corner of the page when an administrator logs in. Click the link to access the login error page.

The administrator is the administrator with the lowest id in the user-table (= the first created and still active administrator), all administrators are all users with the administrator role

Email login failures

If you're concerned about login failures, you can set up email notification for administrators.

Threshold for email notifications

This sets the number of failed logins for a given user from a single computer that will trigger notification.

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