Autenticación OAuth 2

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Login page with options to log in with an OAuth 2 service

Log in using your account on another site

The OAuth 2 authentication plugin enables users to log in using their Google, Microsoft and/or Facebook account via buttons on the login page.

If account creation is enabled, when a user first logs in, a new account will be created. Otherwise, they will be prompted to [[Ingresos Enlazados|enlazarlos a sus cuentas existentes] con las mismas direcciones Email.

Enabling OAuth 2 authentication

To use OAuth 2 authentication, an administrator must first create the required OAuth 2 services.

  1. Go to 'OAuth 2 services' in Site administration > Server and click the button to create a new service.
  2. Follow the instructions in Servicio OAuth 2 Google, Servicio OAuth 2 Microsoft or Servicio OAuth 2 Facebook and obtain a client ID and secret.
  3. Enter the client ID and secret, make sure 'Show on login page' is ticked, then save changes.

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Si lo deseara, desactive la casilla para 'Requerir verificación de Email', y entonces no se enviará un email para confirmación. Esto es útil para institutciones que usan Google para su dominio; el provedor de Google OAuth puede considerarse confiable para ese dominio.

Repita como lo desee para servicios adicionales. Para autenticación OAuth 2, no hay necesidad de contectar a una cuenta del sistema.


  1. Go to 'Manage authentication' in Site administration and enable the OAuth 2 authentication plugin.
  2. Optional: In the OAuth 2 settings, lock selected user data fields and save changes.

Preventing new account creation

If you don't want new accounts to be created when users log in with an OAuth 2 service:

  1. Go to 'Manage authentication' in Site administration and tick the box 'Prevent account creation when authenticating' (authpreventaccountcreation).
  2. Click the 'Save changes' button.


On the 'OAuth 2 services' page, there is a red cross for 'Allow login'

To get a green tick for Allow login, edit the OAuth 2 service and make sure that the setting 'Show on login page' is ticked.

I obtain a coding error after enabling OAuth 2 authentication

Have you any OAuth 2 plugins for earlier versions installed on your site? If so, you will need to desinstalarlos in order to use the standard OAuth 2 authentication.

I obtain an error message when attempting to log in using Facebook

The error message 'The user information returned did not contain a username and email address. The OAuth 2 service may be configured incorrectly.' is most likely because the user's Facebook account was created using a mobile number.

The solution is for the user to first log in to Facebook and add a username and email address there.

I see a "required paramenter (code) was missing" error after logging into the OAuth 2 service

The error message 'A required parameter (code) was missing' can be caused by a mis-configured webserver. OAuth 2 relies on long tokens passed as url parameters, and some webserver configurations will prevent this from working. See for one possible solution.