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Cette page présente les nouveautés principales de Moodle 3.11.

ATTENTION : le contenu de cette page est actuellement celui lié à Moodle 3.10, qui sera adapté pour Moodle 3.11 une fois cette version sortie !

En savoir plus avec cette liste de vidéos sur Moodle 3.11 (en anglais).

Vous trouverez tous les détails, avec les informations techniques dans les Notes de mise à jour de Moodle 3.11.

_Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle 3.11 release notes.

Student activity completion (MUA)

  • ActivityCompletion311.png

    Improved learner experience

    Activity deadlines and completion criteria are clearly visible on the course page.]].

  • 311CompletionWithinActivity.png

    Criteria and deadlines within activities

    Even if absent on the course page, deadlines and criteria will always be visible in the activity.

  • StudentManualCompletion.png

    Manual completion

    Mark an activity as complete from within the activity itself.

  • TeacherCompletionSettings.png

    New display settings

    New settings allow teachers to hide or display the dates and criteria on the course page.

Brickfield accessiblity toolkit

  • BrickfieldAdmin1.png

    Free starter toolkit

    Registering with Brickfield Education Labs gives access to a course accessibily checker

  • 600px

    Course accessiblity review

    Course content is analysed so teachers can identify and fix accessiblity errors

  • BrickfieldTeacher.png

    Heatmap of errors

    A heatmap offers a coloured and contextual view of the areas of concern

  • SummaryReport.png

    Range of reports and graphs

    Errors can be viewed in graphic form, or as a list with a downloadable report.

H5P/content bank

  • DisableH5Pcontent.png

    Disable selected content types

    Admins can disable selected content types from the admin settings

  • MakeUnlisted.png

    Mark content as unlisted

    Teachers can restrict access to their H5P content by marking it as 'Unlisted'

  • LinkedContent.png

    See when content is linked

    When viewing H5P content, a new colum displays the number of times it is linked.

  • DeleteAlert.png

    Alert when deleting linked content

    An alert appears when linked content is about to be deleted, explaining what will happen.

Quiz and Question types

  • QuizOverridePassGrade.png

    View overrides and pass grades

    Teachers can view overrides and students can view pass grades directly on the Quiz page.

  • RetainedQuestionSettings.png

    Preferred question settings retained

    Changes from the default settings of a question type are retained for the next time a teacher creates a question.

  • QuizMinMaxStudent.png

    Essay question word limits

    A minimum and maximum word limit can be specified for Essay questions

  • PlagiarismSupport.png

    Essay plagiarism support

    If a plagiarism checker is installed, it now supports the Essay question type.

Open Badges v 2.1 compliant

  • ManageBackPacks.png

    Better badge management

    The Badges admin screen is streamlined and users can more easily connect to their preferred backpack.

  • BadgesAPI.png

    Open Badges API

    An Open Badges OAuth method is available.'

User profile fields

  • SocialField.png

    New 'social' field

    A new 'social' profile field replaces the hard-coded fields in the user profile.

  • UserProfileUserIdentity.png

    Custom profile fields selectable in Show user identity

    Custom profile fields may be selected from User polices > Show user identity so they display in participant lists.

Other features and improvements

  • PlayRate.png

    Control audio / video playback rates

    Control the speed at which audio and video files will play.

  • 600px

    Improved activity completion report

    The activity completion report has two new options for filtering

  • SearchLangPacks.png

    Search language packs

    The list of languages may be searched when installing new packs

  • Poppler.png

    New PDF to PNG converter

    For the Annotate PDF feedback type, a new converter, Poppler is available instead of Ghostscript.

  • 600px

    Section links block

    Titles may now be displayed in the Section links block

  • OverridePermissions.png

    Restore/Import role permissions

    Enable or disable role permission overrides when restoring or importing a course.

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