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Default role for all users

In general the default role for all users should be set to authenticated user. Normally all permissions for the role of authenticated user should be left as default.

Default user role is incorrectly defined

If the security overview report shows the default role for all users with status 'Critical' and states that 'The default user role "Authenticated user" is incorrectly defined!' it means that one or more risky capabilities are allowed for the role.

This could also refer to a bug in Moodle. Check the tool/dataprivacy:requestdeleteforotheruser capability in the Authenticated User role. This setting now defaults to "Not Set". If the Authenticated User role on your site has this capability set to the default "Not Set" and you have not changed any of the other permissions on this role then no further action is required. See the MDL-67852: Security overview report shows critical warning for "Default role for all users" with default requestdelete config Tracker issue and the following Using Moodle Forum discussions:

Reviewing authenticated user role permissions

The permissions for the role of authenticated user can be reviewed either by clicking the link 'Definition of role of authenticated user' from Site administration > Reports > Security checks - or as follows:

  1. Go to Administration > Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles
  2. In the role column, click the link 'Authenticated user'
  3. Browse the permissions column

If there is no reason for changing permissions from default, then the role can be reset by clicking the Reset button at the top of the page.


After resetting the authenticated user role, the security overview report will show the default role for all users with status OK.

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