Messaging settings

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Messaging settings for all users

  • Users can decide how they want to be notified of new messages by editing their messaging preferences page, which they can access either from the Preferences link in the user menu or from the gear icon in the messaging icon at the top of their screen. See Messagingfor more information.
  • Which options they see there depend on what has been enabled by the administrator. For example, the mobile option is only available if the site is enabled for the mobile app.

Enabling / disabling messaging site wide

The personal messaging system in Moodle is enabled by default. It may be disabled by a site administrator from Site administration > Advanced features.

Messaging settings

From Site administration > General > Messaging Messaging settings, the administrator can "Allow site-wide messaging" (disabled by default). If this setting is enabled, users on the site can view all other users when selecting someone to message and can choose to accept messages from anyone on the site.