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What is Word count?

Word count is a plugin for the Atto text editor which is used to create content within Moodle. This plugin enables the author of text, such as a student, to check how many words and letters are in a piece of text.

How is it set up?

When configured it displays an icon # in the Atto editor. It has to be enabled by an administrator by being added to the toolbar config box. This is found in Site administration > Plugins >Text editors > Atto HTML editor >Toolbar settings

How does it work?

When students type text into the Atto editor, for example in an forum post or an assignment, they can click the icon and a pop up will display, showing them how many words and letters they have already produced. This can be helpful when they need to type a certain number of words for an essay.

atto count.png

How can I get it?

Word count for Atto is a contributed plugin which must be installed by an administrator from the plugins directory here.