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How can I add H5P content to a Lesson or Book?

You can easily add existing H5P content to a Lesson, Book, or other activity or resource via the H5P icon in the Atto editor.

See the section 'Embedding H5P' in H5P for details.

How can I ensure that the grade from the H5P content is stored in the gradebook?

You need to use an H5P activity rather than embedding the H5P content in a different activity.

How can I get embedded H5P content to work with the gradebook?

Add the content as an H5P activity using the Stealth activities feature and embed the resultant code.

Can I migrate content from the mod_hvp plugin to the H5P activity in standard Moodle?

Yes, with the H5P migration tool.

Is it possible to import H5P question types into the Moodle question bank?

Yes - A number of H5P question types may be imported into the question bank using the H5P content types format plugin.

Is it possible to use the Moodle question bank and other course resources in the content bank?

This Repurpose resources content type plugin allows you to import some question types and potentially other media into the content bank to use in a variety of H5P content types.

How can I make sure that my H5P content is accessible?

Please see the h5p.com documentation Recommendations and overviews of content types.

How can I ensure that H5P content can be accessed in the Moodle app when offline?

The H5P activity supports offline access, which means that it is always fully downloaded to the user's device. For more details, see Moodle app offline features. If desired, an admin can disable this behaviour from "Site administration > Mobile app > Mobile features > Disabled features > View H5P content offline" (by default is on).

For H5P content used elsewhere, such as in a Book, you need to either upload the h5p file or select it in the content bank. Users will then have a button to download the H5P content and access it offline.

If you enter a URL to an external site where the H5P content is hosted, users will NOT be able to download the H5P content to access offline.

Is it possible to style H5P content the same as the rest of my site?

Yes, for changing the CSS please see H5P#Custom_CSS, for other changes such as JavaScript, please see the dev documentation H5P styles.

What are the differences between the H5P core plugin and mod_hvp ?

Aspect core mod_hvp
Automatically add Calendar notifications No Yes
Store H5P content in the Content Bank Yes No

Why do I get a "You are in preview mode" error message?

The "You are in preview mode" message only appears to teachers. It should not happen to students. See MDL-69225. It should have been fixed by now...

H5P you are in preview mode.png

Any further questions?

Please post in the H5P forum on moodle.org