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This page explores in more detail the settings for the Feedback activity once you have added it to your course and also covers the Site administration settings.

The Feedback activity is enabled by default in new sites but if you don't see it in a course, ask your administrator to check if it is disabled site wide.

The Feedback block works with the Feedback activity to display a list of global Feedback activities associated with a course.


In the Description, provide instructions for students. Check the box if you want these instructions to display on the course page.


Here you can choose when users can complete feedback.

Question and submission settings

Record user names
Choose here whether to show the names of users who complete the feedback or not.
Allow multiple submissions
Choose here whether or not to allow users to complete the feeback more than once. This is important when using Feedback for anonymous surveys on the front page as it will allow non-logged in users to complete the feedback.
Enable notification of submissions
If set to 'Yes' then teachers will receive notifications when users submit feedback.
Auto-number questions
If set to 'Yes' then the questions will be automatically numbered.

After submission

Show analysis page
Choose whether to show students the analyis page or only show to teachers.
Completion message
Type a personalised message here that students will read after completing the feedback.
Link to next activity
This allows you to add a URL to another activity or webpage which you would like them to go to once they have answered the questions.

Note: Neither of the above fields is required for a student to answer the questions, but they must click the Answer the questions... link to start the Feedback activity.

Other settings

Depending on what is enabled for your site and course, you may also need to explore Common module settings, Restrict access, Activity completion, Tags and Competencies

Map feedback to courses

If a feedback instance is added to the front page there is an option, when 'Save and display' is clicked, to map the feedback to courses. All courses or certain courses may be selected. (In other words, if you only want the feedback to be available in certain courses but not all, you would choose just those courses.) The Feedback block can then be added to those courses and it provides a quick link to the Feedback activity.

To map to a course, first type in the name of a course and press the Search button. You will then be presented with a drop down menu from which you may choose your course. Click the 'map feedback' button to add it. Repeat this to add another course. If you don't choose a course then the feedback will be mapped to all courses by default.

Site administration settings

The Feedback activity has additional settings which may be changed by an administrator in Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Feedback.

Allow full anonymous

Changing this setting to "yes" permits non-logged in users on the front page to complete a feedback activity. Notice that anonymous feedback is not anonymous in the sense that GDPR describes it.

Feedback capabilities