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How can I limit blogging to specific users only?

See the Blogger role.

How can I change the 'Publish to' default setting?

By default, all blog entries are published to 'Anyone on this site'. To change the default setting to 'Yourself (draft)', see the Using Moodle discussion Changing the Publish to Default Setting.

How can blogs be disabled completely?

In Administration > Site administration > Appearance > Blog set bloglevel to 'Disable blogs completely'.

How can I export blog entries?

It's currently not possible to export blog entries. (Please vote or comment on MDL-22136 if you require this functionality.) However, an alternative would be to use a forum activity of type 'Standard forum displayed in a blog-like format'. Posts can be exported or the forum can be backed up with user data to create a backup of all posts.

Viewing blogs

How can I see the blog of a particular person? (ie all the entries by a person)

  • In the course, Click Participants > Student Name > (a new item appears in the nav block - you need to notice it) > Blogs > you will see "View all entries by Student Name"

How can I see all the blog entries for associated with a particular course?

  1. In the blogs block > "View all entries from this course"
  2. In the course, click Participants > Blogs (Note: the term 'blog' here could be misleading - what you get is "Blog Posts attached with a course", not 'blogs')

How can I see all the posts associated with a particular person associated with a particular course?

  • It's not currently possible to do this.

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