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This is a contributed content type plugin that imports Moodle resources for use in the Content bank. It currently supports creating H5P from questions that are in the Moodle Question bank and adding media content from Moodle repositories.

Currently this plugin supports four standard Moodle question types: Essay, Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and True/False. They can be imported individually as Essay, Multiple Choice, Guess the Answer, and True/False H5P content types:

Questions in a directory can be imported collectively to create a Column, Crossword, Single Choice Set, Dialog Cards or Flash Cards content types. After creation, the content types can be edited in the Content bank as normal H5P content and combined with other content through copy and paste.

Support for additional content types are under development. You can access those functions on the plugins by creating an account developers site. Several additional question types are supported there, and you can import questions and media directly into Interactive Video, Course Presentation, and Question Set content types.


This plugin can be downloaded from the author's GitHub page at or the Moodle plugins database.


Follow the standard procedure described in Installing_plugins#Installing_via_uploaded_ZIP_file the documentation.


After installation, teachers may create interactive content in the Content bank by clicking the Add button, and then choosing one of the Repurpose resources content types from the drop down menu to open the editor, and selecting questions and other options in the editor and saving. The new content created from the question will now appear in the Content bank. The questions can be incorporated in other content types by editing the content and clicking copy button and then pasting it while editing another content type.

When importing in Column content media files can also be added. Audio, image and video files can be selected with the file picker and a title given to them. Those files will appear after any questions in the Column, but they can be moved by editing the Column and may be copy and pasted to into other content types.


contenttype/repurpose:upload Upload resources to use in content

contenttype/repurpose:useeditor Create content using the with repurpose resources tools

Potential privacy issues

H5P is inherently less secure than the Moodle Question bank. Care should be taken not to unintentionally share controlled test questions or otherwise restricted content.

Discussion about this plugin

See this post.

See also

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