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Users can attempt a quiz on their mobile device using the Moodle Mobile app.


  • Any quiz with standard question types and question behaviours is suitable for mobile access, apart from essay questions which require the student to upload a file.
  • Quizzes using additional plugins won't work in the app unless the plugin include support for mobile remote add-ons (see in the dev docs Moodle Mobile Remote add-ons).
  • Quizzes requiring safe browser are not supported.
  • Quizzes including blocked questions (questions that require that the previous question has been answered) are not supported.


Moodle Mobile quiz requires Moodle 3.1 onwards.

Alternatively, it may be used with sites running Moodle 2.6 to Moodle 3.0 if the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin is installed.

If you have quizzes with questions using TeX / MathJAX you must enable the TeX notation filter enabling all the LaTeX renderer settings. Please note that equations are rendered using LaTeX.

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