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The flashcard module allows editing and playing flashcards. Flashcards are a "memory training" device that uses the concept of repetition. Checking a flashcard deck will present the student the couples of relationships to be memorized. More often the associations are reviewed, deeper the memorization will be engraved into our memorial circuits.

The flashcard module has been useful for formative assessment of anatomy, histology and pathology concepts, definitions and images in the teaching of human and veterinary medicine at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


  • Getting cards from a "matching question"
  • Editing cards
  • Multimedia cards: text, image, sound and image + sound together
  • Automated backpropagation of cards (can be disabled)
  • Customizable decks


Flashcard module: Configuration Parameters

Flashcard module: Capabilities


Adding new cards

  1. Add new "Flash Card Set" into the course
  2. Enter required field "Name" and click "Save and display" button
  3. Click "Edit the cards" tabs - you will be brought to screen like below


  1. Click "Add three new questions" button
  2. Add text for questions and answers
  3. Click "Update" button


Student Screens

Teacher Screens

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