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See also Frank Ralf/Glossary list.

Some unsorted ideas

Extending the "Context" concept

"Please note that CONTEXT_PERSONAL (present in 1.7-1.8) was never implemented and was removed in 1.9."
CONTEXT_PERSONAL in the forums

Activities Block

  • use activity_modules block as a template for glossary_list block

Direct SQL

  • request SQL with dmllib.php?
  • function get_fast_modinfo in moodle\course\lib.php (1058) - works only on course level ("Returns reference to full info about modules in course")
Is there an equivalent at site level?


  • Alternatives:
  1. get list of all courses (IDs)
  2. collect all glossaries
  3. show only those for the current user

Possibly useful functions



Convenience function - lists courses that a user has access to view.
If you really want to know what courses are assigned to the user, without any hiding or scheming, call the lower-level get_user_courses_bycap().
Returns an array of all the active instances of a particular module in given courses, sorted in the order they are defined.
Given an id of a course module, finds the coursemodule description.
Given an instance number of a module, finds the coursemodule description.


Lower-level pendant to get_my_courses().


Moodle 2.0