Student role

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  • A user with the Student role in Moodle can participate in course activities and view resources but not alter them or see the class gradebook. They can see their own grades if the teacher has allowed this.
  • When a student first joins Moodle they see all available courses. Once they have enrolled or been enrolled into at least one course they then only see their own courses in the My Courses section of the navigation block or via their dashboard.
  • A student's view and navigation in Moodle will be different from the course teacher's or from students assigned to a different group.
  • Administrators and Teachers determine how a student enrolls, and what they can do or see in a Moodle site. These permissions can vary with each course or with any of Moodle's many kinds of activities. For example, in some contexts, students may correct or grade other students' work, be encouraged to explore everything in a course and interact with other participants. In a different context, the student maybe guided upon a very defined path, with minimal interaction with others.