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workplacelogo.png This feature is part of Moodle Workplace™, which is available through Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers only.


Read on for Moodle Workplace 4.2 highlights. Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle Workplace 4.2 release notes.

Appearance and branding

Automatic branding enhancement for tenants

Generate shades of grey automatically based on the tenant primary colour, to reinforce the brand identity while avoiding disturbing the experience.

tenant branding setting.jpg

New setting

Use "Match gray tones hue with primary colour" to generate colours automatically

tenant branding.jpg


The shades of gray match perfectly with the tenant primary colour

Advanced tenant appearance settings

Tenant branding now includes two more settings that were available in Workplace 3.11: Navigation bar and Primary button colours.

We have added more granularity to the permissions to change the appearance of the tenant, so advanced settings such as custom SCSS can be restricted to specific role

Advanced tenant appearance settings.jpg

Advanced tenant appearance settings

All these advanced settings are now in a new section at the bottom, only available to users with permissions to edit the advanced branding

My teams and Team overview block

team overview filters.jpg

Quick filters

Allow users to sort and filter data quickly within the Team overview block, making it easier to find the information they need

team overview reports.jpg

Full reports

Access to full progress reports for certification, program, and course reports provide a comprehensive overview of each team member's learning progress

team overview search.jpg

Live search

Allows users to search for specific items in real-time within the Team overview block.

team overview warning.jpg

Warnings for overdue learning

Provide notifications and reminders to users when they are falling behind on their coursework or certifications


Team’s overdue learning warnings for managers

The Team overview block in the My teams page now displays a warning when there are people with overdue learning to their managers. This notice includes a link to the corresponding report.

Improved support for My Teams in Workplace App.jpg

Improved support for My teams in Workplace App

The new My teams page now includes information about learning and tracking in the Workplace App.

Dynamic Rules enhancements and new features

User is allocated to tenant.jpg

Tenant allocation conditions

User allocated to tenant and User not allocated to tenant are now available as conditions in Shared Dynamic Rules

Add Allocate to tenant outcome to shared rules.jpg

Allocate to tenant action

With this new action, users can be allocated to tenants in Shared Dynamic Rules

dynamic rule end all jobs.jpg

End jobs

New action to end all jobs for selected users

dynamic rule assign to learning plan.jpg

Learning plans

New action to assign users to learning plans

dynamic rule deallocate user.jpg

Suspend allocations

New option to suspend allocations added to the existing actions to deallocate user from program and certification

Add department to User profile field Dynamic Rules.jpg

User profile field Dynamic Rules condition

Added "department" to User profile field condition in Dynamic Rules


User first login Dynamic Rule condition

Now it’s possible to create automations based on user’s first login.

Appointments enhancements

appointments booking ui.jpg

Session list UI

New expandable UI for session details and bookings, with consistent navigation and design across activity modules

appointments booking criteria.jpg

Activity completion

New completion criteria based on attendance

My Courses

Hidden courses in MyCourses and Programs.jpg

Hidden courses in My courses and Programs

Improved how hidden courses are displayed in the My courses and Program pages

New catalogue settings.png

New catalogue settings

Added new settings in the catalogue to disable de Program cover page and to hide the dates in Course cover page

Migration enhancements

Migration of core reportbuilder custom reports.jpg

Import and export of Moodle LMS custom reports

Migration feature now supports import and export of Custom Reports using Moodle LMS native report sources.

Other interesting features

organisation structure lock.jpg

Lock shared department and position frameworks

New setting to lock shared department and position frameworks, so only users with the right permissions can manage jobs related with locked departments and position frameworks.

certificate filters.jpg

Filters in Certificate PDF content

New setting to apply only allowed filters to the PDF content.


Support contact by tenant

Now it is possible to configure the support contact information (support contact, support URL and availability) at a tenant level, so different tenant can have their own support contact settings