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Events in Moodle are an internal notification that something has happened. They are used for logging, for reports, and anytime one part of Moodle code wants to "listen" to things that are happening.

  • An administrator can view a list of all types of events from Site administration > Reports > Events list.
  • The list can be filtered to show specific components (core, Assignment, Book etc) levels (Teaching, Participating, Other) and database query types (create,delete, read, update).


  • Clicking on an Event name will display more detailed information about that event.


Educational levels

  • Teaching - These events usually relate to what course teachers do that will affect the learning experience of the students. It might be for example updating a course section, grading an assignment or switching phases in a workshop.
  • Participating - These events usually relate to a user's learning experience for example, posting to a forum or submitting an assignment.
  • Other - This level includes actions which do not have a direct effect on teaching or learning. Examples might be updating a calendar, creating a user or viewing a message.

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