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An administrator can limit the size of certain tables in the database by setting appropriate options in Administration > Site administration > Server > Cleanup.

Delete unconfirmed users after

For certain authentication methods, such as Email-based self-registration, users must confirm their account (complete the email registration process) within a certain time-frame. Once the time set here has passed, any account that hasn't been confirmed will be deleted. The default is 7 days.

Delete incomplete users after

Once users have confirmed their account, they must complete their profile within the time interval set here.

A complete profile is one where the following fields have been filled in (are not empty):

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

Just as a reference, given that the firstname, lastname and email are required fields of the Upload users module, any account created this way is automatically a complete account.

Disable grade history

History tracking of changes in grades-related tables may be disabled by checking the disablegradehistory box.

Grade history lifetime

The length of time that the history of changes in grade-related tables is kept may be set (from 30 days to never).

Note for users who have upgraded from earlier versions: The setting 'Keep logs for' is now located in the log store settings.

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