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This page outlines some of the settings and reports links that appear on a MoodleDoc page's banner. A guest, or user who has not logged in will not have many of these options.

MoodleDocs is a MediaWiki and not part of a Moodle application. While linked, it has its own log in and user information area.

Users name

The user name is the first link after the person icon. It will be the same name as used in . Clicking on it takes the user to their own User:page. See login below.

my talk

A link to the login users page's "page comment" tab.


There are many different preference settings that can be found by the following links.

  • User data- email notifications and language
  • Skins - different themes for MoodleDocs
  • Files - image sizes
  • Date format -
  • Editing - lots of settings to customize your editor while in MoodleDocs
  • Recent changes & stubs - some options for filtering and appearance of these lists
  • Search - defaults for searches with area and number of lines options
  • Misc - cache and more format options

my watchlist

Pages that the user set the tab to "Watch", will appear in a list when changes have been made to it by anyone. Sorted and grouped in date order, most recent at top. Has some general information about pages watching and a filter to hide the user's edit.

my contributions

A list of pages the user has edited or created. Can be view in two different sort orders, with different number of lines displayed. Page also has a filter to limit entries by specific area.

log in/out

This link on the far right will change between "log in" and "log out". User who wish to log in are asked to use your username and password.