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Regarding basic notation, see See also:

  • TeX filter - displays TeX notation as GIF images and will show full LaTeX implemention in Moodle 1.6 or later
  • DragMath equation editor - a drag-and-drop equation editor that installs as a button in the regular editor, so that it is visible everywhere a user would enter text. Clicking the button launches an applet in a pop-up window so that the user can choose the parts of the equation.
  • MathType - a commercial product compatible with many text-editing and presentation software programs, that works with Moodle.

Moode Add-ins

The following Moodle add-ins are useful for making use of molecular data files in courses, and providing 3D visualisations:

  • 2D/3D structure display short answer - The 2D/3D Structure Display short answer question type is a short answer question with MarvinSketch for building question content and MarvinView for displaying question content. Anything that you can construct in MarvinSketch can be easily used in short answer questions.
  • Drag and drop organic chemistry nomenclature question type - Drag and drop organic chemistry nomenclature question type.
  • Fischer projections question type - Drag and drop question type that assesses students knowledge of constructing and interpreting Fischer Projections.
  • Lewis structures - With this question type the instructor draws valid Lewis structures with all lone pairs and charges for a molecule. The student is presented with the structure stripped of lone pairs or formal charge, and they must add correct number of lone pairs/radicals or charges to any atoms.
  • Newman projections question type - Drag and drop question that tests students knowledge of drawing and interpreting Newman Projections
  • Select atoms or molecules question type - This question type allows you to design questions in which students select various atoms, molecules, bonds or other objects
  • Jmol resource module for Moodle 1.9 - display a 3D interactive molecule as a specific configurable resource
  • Java Molecular Editor question type - ask students to design and submit a molecular structure.
  • Chemistry notation using mhchem The mhchem pack­age pro­vides com­mands for type­set­ting chem­i­cal molec­u­lar for­mu­lae and equa­tions.
  • ChemRender - Chemical structure editor and molecular data file import plugin for the Atto HTML Editor.
  • ChemRender filter - Render 2-D and 3-D molecular structures and spectra from open chemical data files.

See also

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