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The module Registration is a Moodle activity add-on for registration of students for examination at institutions that have not central registration system.

Basic functionality of the module


  • Teachers can create some examination dates. They define date, time, and place of the examination. Furthermore they define maximum number of students and maximum number of points.
  • Actual number of points can be entered and lists with points with our without student names can be viewed/printed. The list without names uses student IDs if defined. If not, names are still used.
  • Teacher can register/unregister students directly.
  • List of all students with their respective registrations.


  • Each student can registered/unregistered only himself/herself. For other students at the same date, only IDs are seen, or names if an ID is not set.
  • If the date is fully occupied, students can sign in to queue and wait if there will be someone that signs out. In that case, the first in the queue will be notified by mail.
  • Each student can be registered only on one date within one week/topic.
  • After examination, each student can see only his/her total evaluation based on the results of examination.


  • The term of the examination is closed at 00:00 on the day of the examination.
  • Registration list shows total number of students registered for all dates,

for students also their booked dates


To install and use, unzip the zip file to directory mod within your Moodle root directory. In addition, copy the file registration/lan/en_utf8/registration.php into your moodledata/lang/en_utf8/ directory (Moodle 1.6). Afterwards, visit your admin screen to finish installation.


The registration mod has been designed and built with the contributions of the following people:

  • Lubos Cirka - Slovak Technical University in Bratislava > development
  • Miroslav Fikar - Slovak Technical University in Bratislava > design concept
  • Richard Haywood > multiple registrations in one session

To do

  • Upgrade to UTF8 does not work