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Missing word question format

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The missing word format can be imported into Question bank and into a Lesson.

This format only supports multiple choice questions and short answer question, depending on the number of answers. One answer generates a short answer question, two or more answers generate a multiple choice question. Each answer is separated with a tilde (~), and the correct answer is prefixed with an equals sign (=). Here is an example of a multiple choice question:

   As soon as we begin to explore our body parts as infants we become students of {=anatomy and physiology ~reflexology ~science ~experiment}, and in a sense we remain students for life. 

Here is an example of a short answer question:

You can use the missing word format to import questions into both Moodle's Question bank and {=Lesson} activity.

Consecutive questions must be separated with a blank line (double carriage return).

The Missing word question import format is a simpler, restricted version of the GIFT question import format, which supports a broader range of question types, and offers additional options.

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