Notes de mise à jour de Moodle 3.8.2

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Date de sortie : 9 mars 2020

Vous pouvez consulter la liste des détails sur les évolutions et corrections de bogues de cette version 3.8.2 (en anglais).

Corrections générales et améliorations

  • MDL-67175 - Support de Chrome 80
  • MDL-57755 - Les notifications étaient automatiquement marquées comme lues lorsque la messagerie était désactivée
  • MDL-67132 - LTI Adv grades do not roll up in course total
  • MDL-67414 - Support de PostgreSQL 12.x
  • MDL-67894 - Database error when sorting responses by "Groups"
  • MDL-67204 - Assignment calendar events with "alwaysshowdescription" get updated on every task run because of not updated "lastcron" field
  • MDL-65952 - mod_scorm automatically checks "passed" and "completed" completion options
  • MDL-67690 - Course Overview doesn't remember Starred filter state
  • MDL-63316 - Give back the default sort behaviour (lastname) in the participant table
  • MDL-49103 - Badge baking uses tEXt instead of iTXt
  • MDL-64531 - Delete quiz JSON error if question category deleted
  • MDL-67532 - Create Badge Page -- language defaults to 'Afar'
  • MDL-67817 - Update time zones listed in the language strings
  • MDL-67675 - Impossible de copier-coller si le bouton H5P était ajouté à la barre d'outils Atto
  • MDL-60126 - Competency user data is not being erased when user gets deleted
  • MDL-67842 - Impossible de supprimer l'idnumber d'une question
  • MDL-67674 - Performance : le cache des catégories de cours peut être construit en parallèle
  • MDL-66024 - tool_uploadcourse: fullname/shortname fields don't get length checked while uploading
  • MDL-51225 - Q&A forum recent activity reveals posts
  • MDL-67486 - Minimize how long we hold the global cron lock for
  • MDL-67721 - No 'View grade' button for single simple discussion forum
  • MDL-65884 - "Activity names auto-linking" filter and activity name like "-" (hyphen) breaks course content visualization
  • MDL-67471 - mark_notification_read fails if messaging disabled
  • MDL-66721 - Add an activity or resource menu "add" button appears below the fold
  • MDL-67364 - TinyMCE editor font sizes are too small in Classic theme (and other child themes)
  • MDL-67891 - Uninstalling Cohort roles tool can break site upgrade
  • MDL-67511 - Toast wrapper can interfere with Forum grading buttons
  • MDL-63424 - Required field indicator missing from Assign submission page
  • MDL-66875 - Calendrier - Navigation dans les mois - L'URL ne fonctionnait pas
  • MDL-66858 - <header> HTML5 tag is filtered out by Atto editor
  • MDL-66220 - Q&A forum allows students to reply to posts they cannot see
  • MDL-67830 - Error being logged when navigating from gradebook to quiz
  • MDL-67746 - Cleanup of task logs fails with big number of records to be deleted
  • MDL-66897 - 'The grades were not saved...' should not be displayed as a success message
  • MDL-67142 - Long quiz names break deletion ad hoc task when questions are backed up
  • MDL-67312 - Events without subscriptions can lock users out of their sites
  • MDL-66108 - Error "You cannot make a category of one of its own subcategories."
  • MDL-67644 - Allow to disable identity providers via Moodle app feature settings
  • MDL-67806 - Allow to disable Dark Mode via Moodle app feature settings
  • MDL-67237 - Option to disable "H5P Offline" feature in the app
  • MDL-67980 - Tri des tâche ad-hoc par "nextruntime" (prochaine exécution)
  • MDL-65573 - Splitting a discussion creates discussion record with an incorrect first post author
  • MDL-67732 - Respecter la capacité d'afficher le nom complet
  • MDL-64686 - "Search courses" layout should look good on all screen sizes
  • MDL-67942 - Quiz: report delete_selected_attempts notice when a user has multiple enrolments
  • MDL-67424 - Errors showing for Forums in Complete Report for students

Améliorations d'accessibilité

  • MDL-67969 - Calendrier : voir les détails de l'évènement - problèmes d'accessibilité
  • MDL-67899 - Emoji picker button does not have a description
  • MDL-67876 - Forms with client-side validation should always scroll to the invalid element when you try to submit
  • MDL-67865 - Broken ARIA reference in the user menu
  • MDL-67863 - Ensure keyboard focus order is efficient and logical
  • MDL-67862 - Tag h3 vide dans le message du dialogue de suppression
  • MDL-67684 - Cache data contained in nested ul
  • MDL-67577 - Accessibility: Wrong tabindex order in top navbar (message+notification)
  • MDL-61390 - Forum: Heading structure on Search results page
  • MDL-61389 - Forum: "Discuss this topic" accessibility
  • MDL-59817 - Atto Accessibility Checker not catching accessibility issues in Firefox
  • MDL-35971 - Forum discussion table has no summary


Corrections de sécurité

  • MSA-20-0002 Le rapport d'historique des notes ne respectait pas le mode groupe séparés des paramètres du cours
  • MSA-20-0003 Les adresses IP pouvaient être usurpées à l'aide de X-Forwarded-For
  • MSA-20-0004 L'outil d'administration PHP unit webrunner nécessitait un échappement supplémentaire

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