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{{Infobox plugin
#redirect [[Recycle bin]]
|type = Local
|entry = https://moodle.org/plugins/view/local_recyclebin
|tracker = https://github.com/unikent/moodle-local_recyclebin/issues
|discussion = https://moodle.org/plugins/view/local_recyclebin
|maintainer = [[User:Skylar Kelty|Skylar Kelty]]
|float = right
This is a [[:Category:Contributed_code|contributed (third party)]] plugin for Moodle written by Skylar Kelty and shared on Moodle.org
This plugin adds a "recycle bin" for course modules to Moodle.
It requires a core hack as there is no pre-cm-deleted event, you will need to add a line to '/course/lib.php' (function course_delete_module), right after the first "if()".
* You must first find the moodle/course folder and locate there the lib.php file that you will need to modify:
[[File:lib_php file in a local moodle server.png|600px]]
* You can edit the lib.php file easily with [https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ Notepad ++ for Windows].
[[File:lib_php original file opened in notepad plus plus.png|600px]]
* You need to find exactly these lines:
function course_delete_module($cmid) {
          return true;
* And after those lines You will be adding exactly these two lines:
    // Notify the recycle bin plugin.
Your modified (hacked file) must look exactly like this lines 1658 and 1659 with the added text::
[[File:lib_php modified file opened in notepad plus plus.png|600px]]
* You will then have a Recycle bin available inside the Administration block:
[[File:Recycle bin is available.png|300px]]
[[es:local/Recycle bin]]
[[es:local/Recycle bin]]

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