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  • Easily embed videos from Vimeo, just by adding the url
  • Add content above and below of the video player.

About Vimeo

Vimeo was born in 2004, created by a group of filmmakers who wanted an easy and beautiful way to share videos with their friends. Word started to spread, and an insanely supportive community of creators began to blossom. Now Vimeo is home to more than: 90,000,000 creators worldwide. Vimeo offers paid plans, which allow you to hide videos from, and effectively turn it into a very cost effective video streaming solution. While it is great that moodle can host videos very easily, the benefits of a real streaming provider are plentyful:

  • Datacenters around the world for great performance
  • Amazing video compression, providing great quality at very log filesize
  • Automatic selection of the right video version for the user (depending on bandwith, browser support, cpu performace etc.) – in the underground, you're happy to get a 240p, if you're on a fiber network, maximum quality is delivered. This ensures that your students get something, no matter how bad their connection is. (well, at least to a certain extent; an edge connection might not be enough....)

Since we believe that moodle is best if it is used as an lms (and not as a video streaming server), we love to combine moodle's power for learning (management) and vimeo's power for video streaming.

Disclaimer: we are in no way affiliated with Vimeo; we just happen to use it for years ourselves, have recommended it to many customers and they all are really happy with it. You can use vimeo for free, if you don't want private/hidden videos. For our plugin, Video Time, it does not matter at all if you are a paying vimeo customer or a free vimeo user – however, Video Time can only provide the features which your account supports; e.g. speed controls or a whitelabel solution are only available in paid plans.


Option 1: Install from (recommended)

  1. Login as an admin and go to Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins. (If you can't find this location, then plugin installation is prevented on your site.)
  2. Click the button 'Install plugins from Moodle plugins directory'.
  3. Search for "Video Time", click the Install button then click Continue.
  4. Confirm the installation request
  5. Check the plugin validation report

Option 2: Install from zip package

  1. Download Video Time from
  2. Login to your Moodle site as an admin and go to Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins.
  3. Upload the ZIP file. You should only be prompted to add extra details (in the Show more section) if the plugin is not automatically detected.
  4. If your target directory is not writeable, you will see a warning message.
  5. Check the plugin validation report

Option 3: Install manually on server

  1. Download Video Time from
  2. Upload or copy it to your Moodle server.
  3. Unzip it in the `/mod` directory.
  4. In your Moodle site (as admin) go to Settings > Site administration > Notifications (you should, for most plugin types, get a message saying the plugin is installed).

For more detailed info, visit


Video Time behaves as an usual activity.

  • Go into your course, turn editing on and create a new activity of the type "Video Time".
  • Give it a name, add the URL of the video and that's it.
  • OPTIONAL: Add a description to the activity (which will show *above* the video)
  • OPTIONAL: Add notes to the activity (which will show *below* the video)
  • OPTIONAL: Change the embed options to your liking – we recommend to always use responsive (i.e. the video player will resize according to the available space)

Pro Version

Video Time Pro has advanced features to

  • track the user’s viewing time using activity completion
  • sync the viewing percentage to the gradebook
  • insert a video directly on the course page (label mode)
  • resume the video where you left off
  • automatically load the next activity when the student completes video
  • get insights about each user’s viewing time
  • set default embed options for the plugin
  • and override the instances' embed options globally.

Learn more about it on

Usage Examples

We've prepared a little demo site where you can view the plugin in action. If you need help, let us know!