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This page is a work in progress in November 2010.

There are 3 areas of Moodle that should be backuped and thus can be restored:

  • The database (for example MySQL)
  • The files uploaded or created by Moodle (Moodledata directory)
  • The Moodle code itself

The location of these areas can be found in the Configuration file.

Restore database

Here are some ways to restore typical Moodledata bases such as MySQL


The phpMyAdmin restore process is about as simple as it's backup process. To restore:

Restoring a backup of a MySql database

  1. Open the database to restore
  2. Click the SQL tab.
  3. On the "SQL"-page , unclick the show query here again.
  4. Browse to your backup of the database.
  5. Click Go.



Restore files

There are 2 areas which can use the same techniques to backup and restore because they are stored in files and folders"

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