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The outcomes report (Course Homepage > Administration block > Grades > Choose an action > View > Outcomes report) helps teachers monitor their students' progress using Outcomes. It lists site-wide outcomes and custom outcomes used in the current course, their overall average (each outcome can be measured through many grade items), each item's average values and the number of "grades" given for each item.


Outcomes report with sample data

The report is a table with 6 columns, explained below:

Outcome name

Simply the short name of the outcome used in this course.

Overall average

This shows two values representing the average scores given to students for each outcome used in this course (it doesn't show the site-wide averages)


Whether the outcome is a site-wide outcome or not.


This lists the activities that use this outcome in this course. A new row is created for each activity, and the activity name is linked to the activity's page.


This shows the average score for each activity using the outcome in this course.

Number of Grades

The number of grades given to students for each activity using the outcome.

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