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MoodleTxt and Pushed Updates

What is XML Push?

For those MoodleTxt administrators whose Moodle installations are publicly accessible from outside their local network, ConnectTxt offers a free service that automatically sends updates to sent messages, along with any new inbound messages, directly to your MoodleTxt installation.

Why should I use it?

XML Push updates are sent out as soon as they are received by the ConnectTxt system. As a result, this solution provides the quickest and most convenient update of message status records, and ensures that the information contained within your installation is up-to-date and useful. It also provides a performance boost for your MoodleTxt installation, as once XML Push is enabled you can disable the default update methods within MoodleTxt.

Information required for setup

To use XML Push, please first ensure that you are certain of the URL (web address) for your your Moodle installation. Beneath this, the XML Push script is located at “/blocks/moodletxt/push.php.” For example, if your URL for Moodle is normally:

Then the path to XML Push will be:

Once you have made a note of this URL, you must decide on a username and password for ConnectTxt to use to authenticate themselves on your installation. This username is used so that only ConnectTxt may send data through to your system, and helps to keep your installation secure – if the correct username and password are not supplied, XML Push simply shuts itself down, not accepting any further data.

When you have decided on a username and password for XML Push to use, please save them in MoodleTxt's system settings to enable the XML Push system.

Passing information to ConnectTxt

Now you should have all the information necessary to activate XML Push with ConnectTxt. Please contact the ConnectTxt support team (using the contact information displayed at the end of this document) with:

  1. A list of all the ConnectTxt accounts that will need to be enabled for use with XML Push (this is normally a list of all the accounts stored in MoodleTxt).
  2. The URL path to XML Push on your installation.
  3. The XML Push username and password you defined above and stored on the setting screen.

ConnectTxt will then activate your account(s) for use with XML Push. This process is normally completed quickly, but can take up to 24 hours.

After setup

If your change your XML Push username or password in the future, or add/remove any ConnectTxt accounts from the MoodleTxt system, please notify ConnectTxt of any changes that need to be made.

Once you have configured cron according to your needs, it is wise to turn off the per-request updates from the MoodleTxt Settings page. (These are the Get_Status_On_View and Get_Inbound_On_View settings.) These will no longer be needed, and you will gain a performance boost by disabling them.

ConnectTxt Contact Details

+44 (0) 113 234 2111
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