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The official Moodle mobile app for iPhone, developed and maintained by Moodle HQ, is available for download (free!) from the Apple Online Store

NOTE: Moodle 2.1 or later is REQUIRED to use this app. Mobile web services must also be enabled on the Moodle site.

This app is not a replacement for the Moodle interface, it just provides you with some useful additional tools.

You can:

  • Upload pictures and video to your Private Files area in Moodle
  • Record and upload an audio file to your Private Files area
  • View the participant list of your courses
  • View information about the participants
  • Send a private Moodle message
  • Add a private note about someone
  • Work offline with automatic synchronization
  • Copy a Moodle user to your mobile address book
  • Access the web version of your Moodle site
  • Access Moodle documentation

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