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workplacelogo.png This feature is part of Moodle Workplace, which is available through Moodle Partners.

Read on for Moodle Workplace 3.9 highlights. Full details of the release with technical information can be found in the Moodle Workplace 3.9 release notes.


With a simple, clean and intuitive interface, migrating things has never been so easy in Moodle.

Workplace migration is capable of:

  • Chained migration. Exporters and Importers can be chained together. For instance, when exporting Certifications, we delegate to other exporters to handle programs, courses and dynamic rules.
  • Pluggable. Migration APIs are pluggable by design, to allow you to create your exporters and importers easily.
  • Ready to implement 3rd party exporters and importers.
  • Command-line interactive interface: php admin/tool/wp/cli/export.php , php admin/tool/wp/cli/import.php
  • Export.gif

    Export UI

    Export the content from a Moodle Workplace instance in only three straightforward steps.

  • Import.gif

    Import UI

    Import content to a Moodle Workplace instance from an exported file, customising the process on each step and solving conflicts if needed.

  • wp-migration-cli.gif

    Command-line interactive interface (CLI)

    Export and import Moodle Workplace content using a CLI interface.

Migration: Exporters and Importers

  • export - step 2 - programs.png


    Export and import programs with their courses, user allocations and component dynamic rules.

  • export - step 2 - certifications.png


    Export and import certifications with their associated programs, courses, user allocations and component dynamic rules

  • export - step 2 - organisation structure jobs.png

    Organisation Structure Jobs

    Export and import jobs with their associated department and position frameworks.

  • export - step 2 - organisation structure frameworks.png

    Organisation Structure Frameworks

    Export and import department and position frameworks with the whole hierarchy for departments and/or positions.

  • export - step 2 - dynamic rules.png

    Dynamic Rules

    Export and import Dynamic Rules definition, conditions and actions.

  • export - step 2 - courses.png


    Export and import courses with default options.

Report builder

  • relation to the report viewer.png

    New condition: Relation to the report viewer

    Pre-filter any report to show only information related to the viewer.

Learner dashboard

  • improved course information modal.png

    Improved course information modal

    Now users can access all the information about a program course from the UI.