Item analysis theoretical background

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I am trying to understand what the state of the art is with Item analysis. I am struggling to find my way into the literature, but have started this page to record my progress. So far the following references were found after several hours in the OU library around classmark 371.26.--Tim Hunt 05:58, 30 November 2007 (CST)


J J Barnard, Item Analysis in Test Construction pp. 195-206, in Geofferey N Masteres & John P Keeves 1999 Advances in Measurement in Educational Research and Assessment, Pergamon.

  • Mentions two topics "Classical Test Theory" and "Item Response Theory".

R L Ebel 1972, Essentials of Educational Measurement, Prentice Hall.

There was a new edition of this book by Ebel And Frisbie in 1991.

William A Mehrens & Irvin J Lehmann 1973, Measurement and Evaluation in Education and Psychology, Holt Rinehart and Winston Inc.

R L Thorndike 1971, Educational Measurement, American Council on Education.

These last two have probably both been superseded by

R L Thorndike 2004, Measurement and Evaluation in Psychology and Education (Seventh edition), Prentice Hall.

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