Glossary activity

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What is the Glossary activity?

The Glossay activity allows participants to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary. While it can be set up and used only by the teacher, its main function is as a collaborative exercise.

Overview of the Glossary activity

How is it set up?

  1. In a course, with the editing turned on, choose 'Glossary' from the activity chooser.
  2. Give it a name and, if required, a description.
  3. Expand the other settings to sections to define the settings you want, in particular the Entries section.
  4. Click Save and display
  5. Optionally, click the Add a new entry button so students see at least one example. 'Concept' is the word or phrase you are defining and 'Definition' is where you explain it.

How does it work?

Student view

Teacher view


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