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[[de:Emoticon als Bild anzeigen]]
[[de:Emoticon als Bild anzeigen]]
[[es:Filtro para mostrar emoticones como imágenes]]
[[es:Filtro para mostrar emoticones como imágenes]]
[[fr:Afficher les binettes sous forme d'images]]

Latest revision as of 09:06, 3 May 2019

The filter Display emoticons as images converts emoticon (smiley) characters into images.

Emoticons may be added using the button attoemoticon.png Insert emoticon in the Text editor or by typing the emoticon characters e.g.

The emoticon button can be added from Site administration>Plugins>Text editor>Atto HTML editor>Atto toolbar settings. Append "emoticon = emoticon" to the list of commands.

Site administration settings

Manage filters

A site administrator can enable / disable the 'Display emoticons as images' filter site-wide in Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters.

The 'Display emoticons as images' settings (Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Display emoticons as images) enable the site administrator to select which formats the filter is applied to. By default, the filter is applied to Moodle auto-format, HTML format and Markdown format.

HTML settings

A site administrator can customize the list of available emoticons in Administration > Site administration > Appearance > HTML settings. See Emoticon images for details.