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[[es:Fechas relativas del curso]]
[[es:Fechas relativas del curso]]
[[de:Relative Daten für Kurs]]

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New feature
in Moodle 3.9!

The course relative dates feature enables course or activity dates to be displayed relative to the user's start date in the course.

The user's course start date is their enrolment start date, unless they are enrolled before the course begins, in which case their start date will be the course start date.

Course relative dates is an 'experimental feature' as it has not yet been implemented in all activities. In Moodle 3.8 it is implemented in the assignment activity and for the weekly course format.

Using course relative dates

To use course relative dates, an admin must first enable it for the site in Site administration / Development / Experimental settings.

If course relative dates is enabled for the site, when adding a new course, you can choose to enable relative dates mode.

Note: After saving the course settings, relative dates mode cannot be changed. The setting is displayed greyed out. Relative dates mode cannot be enabled for existing courses.