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  • This allows a user to add the Cohort sync enrolment plugin to a course via Settings>Course administration>Users>Enrolment methods
  • The default roles of Manager andTeacher have this set to allow.
  • NOTE:By default, a teacher cannot add the Cohort sync plugin to their course. It needs to be configured by an Administrator or a user with the Manager role.

The required capabilities for setting up a cohort sync are:

moodle/course:enrolconfig in the course context

moodle/cohort:config in the course context

moodle/cohort:view in the same context as category

The required capabilities for manually enrolling cohort members are:

the same as cohort sync (note: this is a bug MDL-28431)

enrol/manual:enrol in course context

moodle/course:enrolreview in course context