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Moodle Mobile quiz offline attempts

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Moodle Mobile quiz offline attempts allows users to download a quiz to attempt later offline. If the quiz is suitable for offline usage, the user will see the cloud - download option (as for SCORM or any resource).

A quiz may be attempted offline only if:

  • There is no time limit set
  • The question behaviour is deferred feedback (with or without CBM) only
  • There is no network address requirement

Please note that quiz questions are downloaded into the mobile app (but not the valid responses).


Moodle Mobile quiz offline attempts is available in Moodle 3.2 onwards (or in Moodle 2.6 onwards with the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin and the Quiz offline attempts plugin installed).


  1. Download the plugin from
  2. Unzip the plugin into the mod/quiz/accessrules directory
  3. Go to Site administration > Notifications to complete the installation
  • Previous steps are not required for Moodle versions equal and higher than Moodle 3.2

Enabling a quiz for offline usage

  1. Edit the quiz settings
  2. Expand the "Extra restrictions on attempts" section
  3. Click the "Show more" link
  4. Enable the option "Allow quiz to be attempted offline in the mobile app" (Notice that this setting will be displayed only if the Mobile services are enabled in your Moodle site)

Usage considerations

  • The setting "Allow quiz to be attempted offline in the mobile app" is disabled by default - it must be enabled for each quiz as required.
  • Offline quizzes are not compatible with quizzes using timers, access restriction by password or subnet and quizzes using behaviors different than deferred feedback without or with CBM
  • If a user wants to download a quiz for offline usage, an initial empty attempt will be created.
  • A user won't be able to start a new offline attempt if a previous offline attempt is not synchronized, since the previous offline attempt will have an in-progress status.
  • If the quiz has a start date, the quiz can only be downloaded for offline after the start date.
  • If the quiz has a finish date it must be submitted (synchronized) before the finish date.
  • If a user submits their quiz attempt whilst not connected to Internet, the app will display a message like “Your responses could not be sent to the Moodle site. The app will try to send them again once you are connected to Internet again...”. In the user attempts list, the attempt will be shown as 'Finished but not submitted to the site'. The user will not be allowed to edit his responses or start a new attempt.
  • If the app detects that a user started or continued an attempt using the app, if they then try to continue the attempt on a computer they will be prompted to check whether they have any unsaved work on their mobile device.


The app will try to synchronize each time the user goes from offline to online (even if the user is not attempting the quiz). It will be done on a question-by-question basis.

Conflict resolution

This is done on a question-by-question basis; each question will be synchronized depending on the sequence check number and last action time.

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