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* [[Preg question type]] additional plugin
* [[Preg question type]] additional plugin
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* [[Essay (auto-grade) question type]] additional plugin  

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Pattern-match questions allow the student to give an answer of up to about 20 words, which can then be automatically graded by matching the students response against a number of different patterns expressed in the PMatch syntax. The first matching pattern determines the score and the feedback.


This is a question type created and maintained by the Open University.

Hinweis: This question type assumes that the decimal separator is a full stop. It will not work if you try to use a a decimal comma.

More documentation

More documentation is available in the Open University's reference manual. That includes a description of the pmatch syntax. There is another page that explains The OU PMatch algorithm, but that was written before development started, and may not be a 100% accurate description of what was finally implemented.

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